INVISTA to Offset Carbon Impact of Showroom Visitors' Travel at NeoCon

Leonardo Academy Certifies the Emissions Reduction Donation

Atlanta (June 2, 2008) - INVISTA, the manufacturer of ANTRON® carpet fiber, will offset the carbon impact associated with travel to NeoCon 2008 for each visitor to the ANTRON® carpet fiber showroom, Merchandise Mart Suite 10-111, Chicago. For the second consecutive year, INVISTA will donate emissions reductions credits to Leonardo Academy's Cleaner and Greener® Program, which retires the credits.

"INVISTA retired 683 metric tons of voluntary carbon reduction credits for visitors to our booth during NeoCon 2007," said Bobby Berrier, vice president, commercial interiors. "We hope to top that total in 2008."

Leonardo Academy, through its Cleaner and Greener® Program, provides 3rd party certification to organizations for sustainable actions, including offsetting emissions caused by travel to and from events. Taking into account the geographic profile of the anticipated 50,000 NeoCon attendees, Leonardo Academy calculates the round-trip air and ground travel requirements of the average attendee and converts this to CO2 usage, using internationally recognized conversion standards. The estimate for 2008 is .67 metric tons per visitor.

Visitors to the "Do the Right Thing" display, located in the ANTRON® carpet fiber showroom, will receive an electronic certificate endorsed by Leonardo Academy indicating that the carbon impact of their NeoCon travel was offset by INVISTA.

"This is one example of our firm commitment to resource stewardship, waste elimination and environmental protection," said Berrier. "These values are central to our culture, which guides every decision we make. We start by producing a high-performing, durable carpet fiber, as we believe sustainability begins with carpet that lasts."

Since 2001, ANTRON® carpet fiber has maintained Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) certification, a comprehensive third-party valuation of the entire life cycle of a product, including product manufacturing, resource conservation, human health impacts, end-of-life responsibility and product performance. Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a respected third-party, has certified ANTRON® carpet fiber as an Environmentally Preferable Product for the fourth time since 2002.

INVISTA offers more than 50 ANTRON Lumena® solution dyed nylon colors with SCS certified 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content.

INVISTA also takes on end-of-life responsibility for its products, and in 1991 formed the first nationwide carpet reclamation program of its kind, the INVISTA Carpet Reclamation Programsm. The longest continuously operating carpet reclamation program, the INVISTA Carpet Reclamation Programsm accepts all carpet and fiber types. The carpet is either reused by recycling it into high-value uses such as engineering polymers and carpet backing, or converted into carpet-derived fuel. INVISTA maintains chain of custody documentation that certifies no carpet goes into the landfill. The INVISTA Carpet Reclamation Centersm is certified by SCS as a viable carpet reclamation and processing center.

ANTRON® carpet fiber is constructed with type 6,6 nylon polymer, exceptional fiber engineering and treated with DuraTech® soil resistance chemical treatment. Carpets made with ANTRON® carpet fiber must pass the 14 point ANTRON® Brand Performance Certification Standard for durable performance in construction, before they can bear the ANTRON® brand name. For more information on ANTRON® carpet fiber, please call 1-877-5ANTRON or visit