ANTRON® Carpet Fiber Achieves Environmentally Preferable Product Recertification

Most Recent Certification Based on New Life Cycle Analysis

Atlanta (May 30, 2008) - INVISTA, the manufacturer of ANTRON® carpet fiber, announced today the recertification of ANTRON® carpet fiber as an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). Originally certified in 2002, ANTRON® carpet fiber was the first carpet face fiber to achieve EPP certification, and the only carpet fiber to ever achieve recertification, now for three consecutive cycles.

ANTRON® carpet fiber recertification was based on a comprehensive cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment (LCA) conducted by Boustead Consulting Ltd., a renowned third-party research firm with more than 35 years of experience in LCA consulting worldwide.

"Receipt of EPP certification for Antron® carpet fiber is an important accomplishment for our business, as it validates our efforts to lead the industry with credible environmental offerings," said Bobby Berrier, vice president, commercial interiors for INVISTA. "It's a great example of the diligence we put behind our claims. It took a tremendous amount of time, effort and investment; but we believe it is the right approach, given the need for greater transparency among the many claims that are made in our industry today."

"Consistent with our guiding principle of integrity, INVISTA strives to make no marketing claim unless we can back it up with validated facts derived from sound analytical methodology," continued Berrier. "It is the way we operate. For the ANTRON® carpet fiber brand, it permeates all we say and do."

EPP Certification takes a holistic approach to environmental stewardship, rather than focus on a single attribute. Upon review of the data, ANTRON® carpet fiber achieved EPP certification after SCS concluded that ANTRON® carpet fiber meets or exceeds the stringent EPP requirements in all five areas of evaluation: product manufacturing, resource conservation, human health impacts, end-of-life responsibility and product performance.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved new standards for sustainable carpet, known as NSF-140-2007, which is the first multi-attribute standard for environmentally preferable building materials in the construction industry. Using up to 25 percent EPP materials contributes points toward certification under this American National Standard in the same proportion as post consumer recycled content or bio-based materials. Therefore, carpets with EPP certified ANTRON® carpet fiber can earn up to 6 points under NSF-140 credit 8.2.1. Commercial carpet mill customers of ANTRON® carpet fiber agree that EPP certification adds value to their products. "Atlas has benefitted from the environmental innovations of ANTRON® carpet fiber, and the EPP contribution to NSF-140-2007 recognizes INVISTA as a leader in producing environmentally preferable products. We are proud to be associated with an environmental leader," said Jim Horwich, president of Atlas Carpet Mills.

The program manager of material content and sustainable choice certification for Scientific Certification Systems, Ed Wyatt, said, "We congratulate INVISTA for being the only carpet fiber manufacturer to achieve EPP recertification. Since 2002, we have been impressed with the company's dedication to achieving this rigorous standard by continuously reducing the environmental impact of ANTRON® carpet fiber, to meet or exceed the evaluation criteria for recertification. EPP certification assures architects, designers and facility managers they are making sound environmental specification decisions when selecting carpet manufactured with ANTRON® carpet fiber."

INVISTA also offers more than fifty colors of ANTRON Lumena® solution dyed nylon with 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content, providing the industry with more recycled content color options in the solution dyed nylon category than ever before. The products are among the brand's best-selling colors, and were carefully chosen to work in unison with today's style trends. ANTRON® Legacy™ white dyeable nylon continues to be available upon request with up to 90 percent pre-consumer recycled content.

ANTRON® carpet fiber was the first carpet face fiber to be certified, and the only carpet fiber ever recertified as an Environmentally Preferable Product by Scientific Certification Systems. It is constructed with type 6,6 nylon polymer, exceptional fiber engineering and treated with DuraTech® soil resistance chemical treatment. Carpets made with ANTRON® carpet fiber must pass the 14 point ANTRON® Brand Performance Certification Standard for durable performance in construction, before they can bear the ANTRON® brand name. For more information on ANTRON® carpet fiber, please call 1-877-5ANTRON or visit