INVISTA Unveils Secret for Fabulous Denim

The LYCRA ® Brand Created Ultimate Denim Experience at Spring 2007 Olympus Fashion Week

Denim Week

WILMINGTON , Del. , September 2006 – The LYCRA ® brand brought a denim revolution to the tents with a weeklong celebration of the iconic fashion staple. Long a driving force of newness and innovation in fashion, the LYCRA® brand served as a sponsor of the Spring 2007 7 th on Sixth Olympus Fashion Week and created a unique denim lounge, offering an inside look at some of the newest denim technologies revolutionizing the market and the designers bringing these innovations to life.

INVISTA, which owns the LYCRA® brand, has been transforming the world of denim for decades. Beginning in the 1970s with the introduction of LYCRA® into denim, INVISTA has been instrumental in the innovation and development of this fabric through each of its incarnations. Recent technological introductions are helping to lead the next revolution in denim, creating sexy, sleek and sinfully stylish looks that are changing the landscape of denim fashion.

The LYCRA® Denim Lounge specifically spotlighted two exciting new denim technologies: XFIT LYCRA® , a patented cross-weave technology that uniquely delivers the benefits of four-way, 360 degree stretch for a superior fit and LYCRA® T400 , which allows designers to employ a variety of aggressive washes and abrasions without sacrificing the comfort and fit for which LYCRA® is known.

The Lounge's centerpiece was an exhibit of new looks featuring these technologies from some of the most talked about names in fashion: Charlotte Ronson, Derek Lam, Doo.ri, GoldSign, Rock & Republic, Serfontaine, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Zac Posen . Many of these designers also made personal appearances in the space during Fashion Week, offering denim tips and pointers and participating in targeted gifting.

“Denim is hotter than ever right now. From super skinny stovepipe jeans to your classic five-pocket, the denim market continues to grow and become an even more important part of everyone's wardrobe,” said Jean Hegedus, NA Marketing Manager for Denim. “LYCRA brand has been recognized as an important ingredient in bringing style and innovation to this industry and particularly in making some of this seasons silhouettes possible.  We are thrilled to be returning as a sponsor of 7 th on Sixth to showcase the real power of the LYCRA brand as a fashion and design influence; our space at the LYCRA Denim Lounge will showcase the latest denim innovations from leading brands like Serfontaine, Rock and Republic, and designers such as Derek lam, Zac Posen and Philip Lim.”

Denim WeekFor many years, the LYCRA ® brand has supported numerous designers through collection sponsorships. These alliances have brought the LYCRA ® brand 's innovative new technologies to the top names in fashion. A true collaborator, the LYCRA ® brand offers designers access to some of the newest innovations that are creating consumer excitement in the apparel industry.

This year, in addition to sponsoring Olympus Fashion Week itself, the LYCRA ® brand sponsored four designer runway collections: Zac Posen, Derek Lam, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Charlotte Ronson.

Continuing their long-term alliance with Zac Posen, the LYCRA ® brand once again worked with the designer to bring his imaginative yet graceful designs to life.

“Life without LYCRA® would just be stiff. XFIT LYCRA® is essential to achieve style, seduction and impeccable fit,” Posen said. “This technology gives you the ability to stretch between warp and weft, creating pieces which will become chic staples in any woman's wardrobe. ”

Derek Lam also featured LYCRA ® in his Spring 2007 collection, which was inspired by the crisp, athletic classicism of All-American sportswear.  Featured colors were navy, terracotta, citron green and ivory and fabrics included cottons, linens, silk twills and suede. Featuring a sleek, clean, silhouette, LYCRA ® fiber was used throughout the collection to enhance the shape and provide an excellent fit on the body.

“XFIT LYCRA® fiber allows me to provide a perfect fit, and also ensures a garment that will be truly comfortable for the wearer,” Lam said. “For me style is about being comfortable and allowing a woman to exude confidence. LYCRA® fabrics help me do exactly that.”

The LYCRA® brand also collaborated with designer Phillip Lim for a second season. The Spring 2007 3.1 Phillip Lim collection incorporated LYCRA® in a variety of looks, including wovens, leathers, knits and denim. Lim chose to use the new XFIT LYCRA® technology for denim in a sleeveless mini-shift dress with lace bib insert. “I wanted to work with denim in an unexpected way, to push the idea of the versatility of denim. To treat denim with a delicate hand and mold it into something more unexpected,” Lim explained. “This result was possible by the extended properties that XFIT LYCRA® brings to denim. Fabrics with a touch of LYCRA® follows suit with the philosophy of 3.1 Phillip Lim - to create clothing that is beautiful yet accessible. LYCRA® allows ease of movement, versatility of fit, and helps to reinforce the integrity of silhouettes which are qualities crucial to my designs.”

The LYCRA ® Denim Lounge was located in the lobby of the tents in Bryant Park during the Spring 2007 Olympus Fashion Week, September 8 th – 15 th .