INVISTA Launches High Performance Insulating Fibers for Comforters

ATLANTA (August 7, 2006) - INVISTA has launched three new high performance insulating fibers for use in comforters at the New York Home Textiles Market. The fiberfills will be marketed under the Comforel® , Thermolite® and Polarguard® Home brand names.

“Each branded fiberfill offers a different level of thermal benefit, giving retailers the option to differentiate their offering to meet consumers' needs in warmth and comfort,” said Ana Torrence, vice president of Home and Hospitality for INVISTA. “When combined with the luxury and performance benefits the fibers provide, these comforters are both luxurious and practical.”

The Comforel® comforter can be manufactured in winter or summer weights. It is filled with the down alternative fiberfill that gives comforters a warm, soft and cozy feeling.

Comforters made with Thermolite® fiberfill have thousands of soft fibers delivering the warmth of five wool blankets with the weight of one. This premium down alternative comforter employs fibers that trap and retain body heat.

Polarguard Home comforters utilize a thermal technology in combination with a silky down-like fiber to provide the ultimate in warmth and comfort. The Polarguard® brand has been long trusted in outdoor products that provide superior warmth and comfort. In thermal testing, Polarguard Home Comforters retained 20percent more heat than the leading comparable down alternative comforters, making them the warmest down alternative on the market.

All of the comforters with these new high performance insulating fibers are machine washable and dryable.