Celebrity designer Vern Yip provides creative ideas to bring your travels into your vacation home

ATLANTA (May 22, 2006) – An estimated seven million vacation homes currently in the United States account for six percent of real estate sales, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors® . The survey indicates that most second homes are purchased for recreational use by middle-class baby boomers, and are occupied on average eight weeks a year. According to celebrity designer Vern Yip, functionality, durability, comfort and aesthetics are all equally important when designing your vacation home. Vern offers a few quick tips to adhere to as you create your home away from home.

“Artificial lighting that reflects crisp, white light is important. An open, airy, and well-lit environment in your vacation home evokes a sense of the outdoors. Use MR-16 low voltage light lamps with dimmers to achieve this look,” said Vern.

Use drapes, rugs, upholstered furniture, throw pillows and carpet in different colors and patterns to add interest to your décor. Flooring is the “fifth wall” in home design, and adds an exciting dimension through color, texture, and pattern. “STAINMASTER® carpet is available in a number of fashionable colors, textures and patterns that can be bound or surged to make any kind of rug,” said Vern.

Choose soothing neutrals such as white, cream and ivory. Accent these colors with variations of soft blues, greens, yellows and pinks on your flooring and walls. Drapes, rugs and throw pillows and other accessories in bold colors will create a fresh look. Select flooring that feels soft and comfortable under bare feet. Carpet should resemble natural materials such as wool or silk. According to Vern, low-level loop, cut-loop, or multi-level loop carpet is perfect for beach homes because it successfully integrates texture, is easy to clean, and is comfortable. Vern said, “Select STAINMASTER® carpet with Tactesse® nylon fiber for a wool-like appearance that is both soft and durable.”

Vern offers some advice on how to incorporate memorable travels into your vacation home décor:

* Before traveling, research local artists and bring back some of their work.
* Pool your resources and purchase one significant item as opposed to disposable trinkets such as hats, key chains and t-shirts.
* Take photos of the scenery or architecture without you or your travel companions. Enlarge the images and frame them.
* Stick to a neutral color scheme, so that your mementos blend with your existing décor.
* Collect shells and sand while visiting the beach to display in a decorative glass case or curio.
* Bring back local textiles, and create decorative pillows, window treatments or table accents with the fabric.

Small touches make a second house a home. Personalize your space with photographs of friends and family. Incorporate artwork, pottery, and glass purchased during your vacations to complement your existing home décor. Although vacation homes are not primary residences, they can still feel like home.

“The most interesting items in a home are often from journeys to different places, because they are unique and offer stories to be shared with friends and family,” said Vern. “You do not have to purchase a traditional souvenir to bring your vacation into your vacation home.”

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