INVISTA Rewards Excellence With the Seventh Antron® Product Innovation Award
Ingenuity and Innovation Key In This Year's Honorees

March 23, 2006 – The seventh Antron® Product Innovation Award top honors went to Lees Carpets and Karastan Contract. Lees Carpets’ “Ground Strata” captured the gold award in the modular category, and Karastan Contract’s “Ribbed Concrete” captured the gold award in the broadloom category. The ceremony took place at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

Judges recognized Karastan Contract’s “Ribbed Concrete” with top honors in the broadloom category for its interesting slope of pattern and use of Antron® Glimmer fiber, a metallic fiber with high luster. “The product color way combined with its texture and inherent sheen have come together to create a simple, yet sophisticated floor covering that could be as easily used in moderate interiors as well as high-end environments,” said juror Joseph Pettipas of HOK Canada. "This is the type of product that crosses from retail and hospitality to corporate design projects very easily.”

Lees Carpets’ “Ground Strata” was recognized with top honors in the modular category. “We were impressed with the sophisticated color combinations achieved by the mix of the dominant and secondary colors,” said juror Gail Burns of WHR Architects. “The great texture and linear pattern of the product could easily be used in many applications.”

Antron® Product Innovation silver and merit awards were also given to carpet mills whose products excelled in style, aesthetics, color, and usage in the marketplace. Antron® Product Innovation silver awards were given to Lees Carpets in the modular category for “Architectural Rhythms,” and Bentley Prince Street in the broadloom category for “Scan.” The Antron® Product Innovation Merit Award went to Atlas Carpet Mills, Inc. for “Spyro” in the broadloom category.

“Antron® nylon fiber enables mills to design carpet styles with varying luster levels, rich colors, and interesting patterns, setting new standards for product innovation,” says Bobby Berrier, vice president, INVISTA Commercial and Transportation Flooring. “The innovative designs displayed in this year’s winning carpet styles showcase how Antron® nylon fiber is a styling tool that inspires product development and delivers unparalleled performance.”

Modular Gold Award: Ground Strata by Lees Carpets.
The innovative design of “Ground Strata” earns Lees Carpets the modular gold award. Inspired by the balanced lines of architectural structures and the simplicity of natural forms, this tile addresses the need for modular floor covering aesthetics that foster comfort, stimulation, and ergonomics in corporate, retail, education, and public spaces. Detailed in a subdued and graceful manner, “Ground Strata” is a fresh interpretation of a timeless aesthetic and is reminiscent of the gently curved lines and edges of a layered stonewall. Its color development, inspired by the natural materials frequently associated with many European interiors of the 1920’s, ‘30s and ‘40s, captures the look of refined, time-honored materials. Lees Carpets collaborated with Robert Cox, principal and design director for HOK, Washington D.C. to design “Ground Strata.”

Broadloom Gold Award: Ribbed Concrete by Karastan Contract.
Karastan Contract worked with Shashi Caan, founder and principal of the Shashi Caan Collective in New York, to develop a new woven carpet collection. One of the styles, “Ribbed Concrete,” wins the broadloom gold award for its three dimensional look. Approaching carpeting as elemental to architecture, “Ribbed Concrete” is one of four patterns that translate the distinguishing traits of a hard-surface, architectural component such as concrete into soft-surface flooring. The style uses a skein-dyed metallic Antron® Legacy fiber that mimics the shiny and lustrous qualities of metals and glass. The color palette also imitates hard architectural surfaces, with steely grays, sea glass greens and blues, as well as flat neutral tones.

Modular Silver Winner: Architectural Rhythms by Lees Carpets.
“Architectural Rhythms,” a collaboration between Lees Carpets and Gerard Robertson, wins the modular silver award. The 24” by 24” carpet tiles feature a shadowing effect that gives new dimension to the construction of the pattern. Inspiration for this product came from the rich textures and architectural forms of urban environments. Constructed of Antron® Legacy nylon fiber, it is offered in 14 rich, saturated colors with cleverly placed accent yarns to add texture and structure to each design. “Architectural Rhythms” is ideal for corporate environments and retail applications, as well as large public spaces such as airports and libraries.

Broadloom Silver Award: Scan by Bentley Prince Street.
“Scan” by Bentley Prince Street receives the broadloom silver award for its rich tones, intricate textures and varying degrees of color intensity. Constructed of Antron® Legacy nylon fiber, this product is the perfect pinstripe for almost any interior, and uses a sensual array of variegated tones usually captured in heirloom wool and silk rugs. Extensive color research with fabrics and materials provided the palette, which celebrates elegant depths of sheen and luster. Its complex dye affinities allow for a wide range of values in both the field and accent colors. Each color way has variation from ultra-deep to light in value.

Broadloom Merit Award: Spyro by Atlas Carpet Mills.
“Spyro” by Atlas Carpet Mills wins a broadloom merit award for its stylish interpretation of a retro pattern. This bold, playful and retro-designed pattern was inspired by “doodles” from the classic “Spirograph.” Constructed of Antron® Legacy nylon fiber, the pattern is a blend of daring whimsical depth with gyrating motifs that expresses a variety of textural effects, superimposed and shadowed in a large dramatic scale. Inspired by retro fabrics and furnishings and contemporary fashions, the well-rounded color palette includes 13 colors that range from bold and bright rich saturated colors to colorful neutrals.

Judges for the Antron® Product Innovation Award were Gail Burns of WHR Architects, Nila Leiserowitz of Gensler, Brenda Nyce-Taylor of Hillier Architecture, Joseph Pettipas of HOK Canada and Cary Johnson, formerly of The Environments Group, who recently joined Gensler.

Known for its performance, sustainability and style, Antron® nylon is the registered trademark for the INVISTATM brand of commercial carpet fiber. Antron® carpet fiber, the most specified brand of commercial carpet fiber, is engineered for superior soil release, stain removal, durability and ease of maintenance. Because of its unmatched design flexibility, Antron® carpet fiber can be found in over 800 commercial styles made by today's leading carpet manufacturers.