INVISTA names HOK as Grand Prize Winner of the 22nd Antron® Design Award

Technology infused with a classic décor communicated innovative business solutions

March 23, 2006 – The 22 nd Antron® Design Award grand prize was presented this evening to the San Francisco office of HOK for its innovative use of carpet in designing an Executive Briefing Center for Cisco Systems in San Jose, California . Judges selected this project for the Grand Prize winner because of its dynamic and forward design that showcases its clients' technology in a comfortable solution.

The firm was honored alongside other category and merit-winning designers and architects in a celebratory ceremony and dinner this evening at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles . Entries were evaluated on carpet application, creativity, and originality, and how well the design met client business objectives and challenges.

Cisco Systems wanted a classic and relevant design for its 40,000 square-foot, high-tech Executive Briefing Center (EBC) to showcase products and services to its clients' senior executives and decision makers. The EBC includes 18 conference rooms and two main demonstration areas where Cisco Systems can immerse customers from all over the world in its network-centric hardware and software technology.

Designers at HOK created a classic, yet technologically-advanced design using materials that are high quality, but not ostentatious. To avoid premature obsolescence because of a dated color palette, designers selected warm, neutral materials including bamboo flooring, richly-textured carpeting, metal mesh draperies, and hand-made clear glass mosaic tiles. To enliven the space, color is introduced electronically via color changing LED lighting, which illuminates ceiling canopies over Touch Down Lounge areas. Additional color contribution comes from the high concentration of audio visual media and fresh flower arrangements. This changeable approach to color instills a dynamic quality to the facility that conventional, permanent, pigmented color could not maintain.

Carpet was not only crucial to the design, but instrumental in creating a relaxed, comfortable space.

The rich texture of “Crepe Suzette” and “Industry” carpet styles by Bentley Prince Street , constructed of Antron® nylon fiber, add dimension to the warm gray and taupe shades, and pulls together the classic and relevant look of the décor. The carpet was installed in alternating strips of color in several areas, including the Emerging Technologies Exhibit area. A border of bamboo flooring offset by a circular inset of “Crepe Suzette” creates a fun, eye-catching aesthetic in the lobby area. The carpet throughout the space not only addresses acoustical issues, but also creates an inviting reception area. Cisco Systems' reaction to the space was overwhelmingly positive. The sales force reports that the new EBC has made their job easier, because the space is not only striking in its design, but highlights Cisco Systems' technological capabilities and communicates a strong sales message of innovation and thoughtful design to potential customers.

Category winners are as follows:

* Hospitality Category winner: Sheffield Design Studio, Inc. for The Dockside Café at the River Rock Casino Resort, British Columbia, Canada
* Hospitality Category winner: VOA Associates Incorporated for ABN AMRO Plaza Café, Chicago, Illinois
* Small Office Category winner: ESG Architects, Inc. for designing its Minneapolis, Minnesota office
* Grand Prize Winner HOK also captured the Large Office category for Cisco Systems

Merit awards were given to:

* Healthcare merit winner: WGS, Inc. for The Gerry Frank Center For Children's Care at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Portland, Oregon
* Hospitality merit winner: Design Lines, Inc. for Shea Communities' Trilogy at Redmond Ridge, Cascade Clubhouse, Redmond, Washington
* Large Office merit winner: H2L2 Architects and Planners LLP for EDS, Cherry Hill , New Jersey
* Large Office merit winner: HNTB Architecture, Inc. for Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin LLP, Kansas City , Missouri
* Public Spaces merit winner: Granary Associates for Temple University , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* Public Spaces merit winner: Uihlein Wilson Architects for The Southwest YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Small Office merit winner: Gensler for Long & Levit LLP, San Francisco, California

“Imaginative uses of color, texture, and installation techniques for carpet were key elements in all of the winning projects this year,” stated Bobby Berrier, vice president, INVISTA Commercial and Transportation Flooring. “Designers used carpet as an integral design element to showcase clients' products, define spaces, create a sense of community and create spaces for relaxation inspired by natural surroundings. With all of the technological advances in tufting and the new Antron® fiber technologies available today, carpet mills can design carpeting with innovative texture, patterns, and colors. As a result, designers are able to custom-create spaces that meet the clients' needs.”

Since 1983, the Antron® Design Award has recognized design firms in the United States and Canada that continue to push the envelope in innovation and creativity in using carpet in commercial design.

Judges for the Antron® Design Award were Gail Burns of WHR Architects, Nila Leiserowitz of Gensler, Brenda Nyce-Taylor of Hillier Architecture, Joseph Pettipas of HOK Canada and Cary Johnson, formerly of The Environments Group, who recently joined Gensler.
Hospitality Category Winner: Sheffield Design Studio

The design goal for the Dockside Café at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond , British Columbia , was to create a contemporary West Coast look, while maintaining intimate environments within the large-scale space. Using the natural environment as a theme, Sheffield Design Studio selected a color palette inspired by subdued fall colors. “Hip” by Designweave Commercial Carpets, constructed of Antron ® carpet fiber, features rich, deep earth tones found in the West Coast. The texture of the carpet provides great contrast to the hardwood flooring and slate tile, while the directional pattern provides depth and enhanced linear viewpoints.

Hospitality Category Winner: VOA Associates Incorporated

ABN AMRO Plaza Café in Chicago was designed to transcend a typical cafeteria and be a midday escape for employees. The design team at VOA Associates Incorporated used art, music, and dance-inspired architectural elements to delineate two separate seating areas. They brought warmth and excitement to the space by designing a geometric circular custom carpet of Antron ® with Bentley Prince Street . The finishes and materials provide minimal maintenance, high durability, and aesthetic appeal throughout the space.
Small Office Category Winner: ESG Architects, Inc.

ESG Architects in Minneapolis sought to bring its employees together in one large studio to foster greater collaboration and creativity among small project teams. The newly-designed workspaces celebrate the firm's open culture and allow every employee visual access to natural daylight from its desks. The design team selected a textural modular carpet that would help create a cozy atmosphere. Two carpets of Antron ® – “Composite” from Atlas Carpet Mills and “Chenille Warp II” from Interface Flooring Systems – were selected for its warm, neutral color palette complementing its use of architectural materials.

Healthcare Merit Winner: WGS, Inc.

Philanthropist Gerry Frank worked closely with WGS to create a playful environment for children to learn at the Gerry Frank Center for Children's Care at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland , Oregon . Using the local Columbia River as design inspiration, the waiting room features murals of native plants, wildlife, and tugboats to provide entertainment for children. Several colors of blue carpet flow from the waiting area to the examination areas, bringing the concept of the river to life and establishing design cohesiveness. By quarter-turning modular carpet tiles in blue and green colors, the carpet of Antron ® by C&A Floorcoverings abstractly expresses the variety of hues seen in the river and land.

Hospitality Merit Winner: Design Lines, Inc.

The interior vision for the Cascade Clubhouse at Trilogy at Redmond Ridge in Redmond , Washington , was to surround the interiors with the natural and relaxed culture of the Pacific Northwest and appeal to an active and sophisticated audience. The design team at Design Lines created a custom carpet constructed of Antron® carpet fiber by Masland Contract. The carpet was designed to be playful and contemporary, while simulating life in the area through mountains, sun, water and trails all inherent in the carpet design. The Asian feel of “Appian” by Masland Contract was selected for the spa to emulate nature on the floor. In the design center, the team specified “Round ‘N' Round” by Atlas Carpet Mills to incorporate a circular pattern into the space with a subdued tone, maintaining the overall neutral effect of the space.

Large Office Merit Winner: H2L2 Architects and Planners LLP

As Interior Designers, H2L2 Architects and Planners worked with the EDS team in Cherry Hill , New Jersey to help transform a vacant steel mill into more than 150,000 square-feet of corporate office space with 22-foot high ceilings for its call center. The design demanded a raised floor to accommodate technological needs and modular carpet tiles constructed of Antron® carpet fiber to provide accessibility. The design team selected a medley of modular carpet styles and colors from Interface Flooring Systems to create a cityscape environment. The patterns divide the vast floor plate into defined areas linked together by " streets " and a " main avenue." This design approach provides a "map" for its many inhabitants to comfortably navigate through the large volume of space.

Large Office Merit Winner: HNTB Architecture, Inc.

Law firm Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin turned to HNTB Architecture to create a traditional and classic, yet contemporary design reflective of its Midwest heritage for its new corporate headquarters. Exaggerated wall depths conveying permanence allude to the firm's history and contrast the knife-edge ceiling details. Silk wall fabrics and custom patterned carpet of Antron® by Mohawk Commercial provide rich detail to workspaces and balance the dark wood, granite, and glass used throughout the space. Monterey Carpets' “Alpaca” is used as an accent in an intimate phone room of glass and fabric wrapped panels. Bright colors punctuate employee gathering spaces and set them apart from more stately areas for clients as seen in the selection of Bentley Prince Street 's “Crepe Suzette,” also constructed of Antron® carpet fiber.

Public Spaces Merit Winner: Granary Associates

The design team at Granary Associates was tasked with creating a student lounge with an urban feel to give Temple University students a place to gather and create a sense of community. To attract students to common areas, designers selected fresh, clean and crisp colors with bold patterns easily viewed from the lobby through glass windows. The multi-functional lounge contains a large screen television, study area for students, and a game area with a pool table and television. Two coordinating carpets of Antron® , “Arrowmont” and “Penland” by Atlas Carpet Mills, contribute to the hip, fun design.

Public Spaces Merit Winner: Uihlein Wilson Architects

The Southwest YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee wanted to make its space more appealing for its patrons. Limited to interior renovations, Uihlein Wilson Architects focused on lighting and flooring to lighten up and brighten the space. While some architectural features could not be altered, the designers used color and pattern on the floor to define areas and create a sense of movement throughout the space. The creative and curvilinear design of the flooring was achieved by using several Interface Flooring Systems modular carpet styles constructed of Antron® carpet fiber.

Small Office Merit Winner: Gensler

When moving back into the Julia Morgan-designed Merchants Exchange building in San Francisco , law firm Long & Levit wanted a design that was modern and architectural, yet referenced its history with the building. Gensler comprised a design solution with a simple architectural approach enhanced by using carpet patterns and paint colors to create a modern planar composition within its historic envelope. The carpet was one of the most important elements in realizing the design concept, accentuating the modernist architectural composition. Designers chose “Structures” and “Inizio” by Atlas Carpet Mills, both carpets of Antron® , to complement the sepia-tone based color palette. Punches of bright red were added to emphasize plan intersections in key locations.

Known for its performance, sustainability and style, Antron® nylon is the registered trademark for the INVISTA TM brand of commercial carpet fiber. Antron® carpet fiber, the most specified brand of commercial carpet fiber, is engineered for superior soil release, stain removal, durability and ease of maintenance. Because of its unmatched design flexibility, Antron® carpet fiber can be found in over 800 commercial styles made by today's leading carpet manufacturers.