Antron® Fiber Featured in Exciting New Karastan Carpet Line Developed by Noted Architect & Designer Shashi Caan

June 12, 2005
CHICAGO – Karastan brand is introducing four new styles designed by noted Architect and Interior Designer Shashi Caan. The new Translations line features Antron® Legacy nylon.

Steve Hillis, senior vice president of Fashion Brands for Mohawk said, “Our Karastan brand is proud to introduce four new exciting styles that ‘change the game’ in woven carpet technology. This new collection of four styles pushes the envelope with woven equipment to create textures and depth of pattern never seen before in carpeting. The design of the new Translations collection was created by Shashi Caan with an inspiration to create carpet textures that are architectural and unique three-dimensional looks that inspire the architect and designer to use woven carpet in ways it has not been used before. We chose Antron® Legacy as our nylon fiber because of the quality of the fiber and the rich heritage of the Antron® brand. The Translations collection by Karastan is ‘the best of the best’ in high quality stylish carpeting and we must have the best fiber possible for the product to be complete.”

Shashi Caan added, “When I first saw the Antron® Legacy yarn it was so beautiful. It was edgy and once woven it was simply stunning. With Translations we wanted to make something that utilized the latest carpet technology while incorporating the integrity of the craft of weaving. Antron® is heralding the next generation of yarn. This is truly a three-dimensional carpet. It has vitality and real visual depth. This fiber has a magic that unfolds with light. As the light changes, so does the carpet. One design physically undulates, one literally has hills and valleys, and the others are evocative of architectural materials such as steel and glass.”

Caan’s Translations designs are Molten Weave, Ribbed Concrete, Gridded Steel and Glass Lines.

Bobby Berrier, vice president, INVISTA commercial flooring and transportation said, “Shashi Caan and Karastan have developed a very exciting line of commercial carpet. The fact that someone as creative as Shashi chose Antron® carpet fiber is another validation of our leadership role in the industry.”

Antron® carpet fiber is the most recognized brand of commercial carpet fiber. In addition to its advanced soil resistance, stain resistance and exclusive fiber technology, Antron® carpet face fiber is third-party certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product based on guidelines from Executive Order 13101. For more information on Antron®, please call 1-877-5-ANTRON or visit