INVISTA Displays 2005 Color Point of View at NeoCon

June 12, 2005
CHICAGO – INVISTA, the manufacturer of Antron® carpet fiber, is displaying colors from its eagerly anticipated 2005 Color Point of View (POV) booklet during NeoCon. The booklet was released in April and is available at no cost on the Antron® Web site and in the company’s NeoCon showroom.

Patsy Kuipers, manager, Color & Styling for Antron® carpet fiber, developed the Color POV. “This is an exciting time for a professional who spends each day analyzing color trends,” said Kuipers. “I am seeing an absolute explosion of color in home products and fashion. People seem ready to embrace color."

The third issue of the Color POV explores five essential color trend indicators and five emerging trends. Trend indicators are areas that have been influencing color and design for a long time and will continue to be trend indicators. Emerging trends are areas affecting color and design that might not have been thought about in the past. Given time, they too could become trend indicators.

The trend indicators are fashion, technology, entertainment, sustainability and socio-economic. The emerging trends are globalization, indulgence, bioengineering, generations and spirituality.

Each category has inspired a palette or family of colors that works together. The colors can be used in carpet, as well as other interior products and clothing. It depends on the user’s own point of view regarding how to mix and match these colors. Each of the 50 new colors is codified to the Pantone® color specifier for Architecture and Interiors. Additionally, all colors of Antron Lumena® solution dyed nylon and DSDN are Pantone® codified to help architects, designers and specifiers coordinate interior finishes.

“The new colors mentioned are the result of evolution not revolution,” said Kuipers. “These colors are here for you to enjoy. Have fun with them. Make your own combinations. Remember that color can be very uplifting and can enhance your life. In their proper place, all colors are good.”

Kuipers urges anyone interested in seeing how different colors work together to visit the Color Point of View tool at The on-line Color Point of View tool has easy-to-follow instructions to choose primary, secondary and accent colors to help discover combinations that fit a user’s personal tastes.

Antron® is the most recognized brand of commercial carpet fiber. In addition to its advanced soil resistance, stain resistance and exclusive fiber technology, Antron® carpet face fiber is third-party certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product based on guidelines from Executive Order 13101. For more information on Antron®, please call 1-877- 5ANTRON or visit