New Homebuyer Web Site Provides Important Information
STAINMASTER® Carpet Delivers Savvy Advice with Interactive Web Site

January 26, 2005
ATLANTA – STAINMASTER® carpet has developed a new user-friendly Web site,, for consumers in the process of building a home. Whether you are downsizing, enjoying your success or budget conscious, this interactive resource allows the new homebuyer to create a home that reflects your personality and interests. It also teaches you how to roll costs of amenities into your mortgage.

The Web site provides an easy to follow, step-by-step tour through the most important topics facing a new homebuyer:

* Selecting a Builder and Home to Fit Your Lifestyle
* The Design Process: Incorporating Style into Your New Home
* Design Priorities: The Best Three Upgrades to Consider
* Your Finished Home: Tips Before You Move In

The most unique feature of the site is an interactive mortgage calculator, which allows the homebuyer to estimate how little their monthly payment will increase by adding the additional costs of the upgrades to the mortgage.

Professional designer Carol Walton, a member of the STAINMASTER® brand Designer Council, an elite group of new home design professionals from across the country, offers her expertise in new home design on the Web site. “The advantage to upgrading during the building process is the ability to incorporate your upgrade into your mortgage,” says Walton. She points out that by selecting your upgrades early, you can:

* Maximize design potential with minimal up-front costs
* Avoid additional out-of-pocket expenses
* Spread out costs as they amortize over the life of the loan adding a small percentage to your monthly payment

“The STAINMASTER® brand Designer Council has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise, that we felt this information would be useful to new homebuyers making their purchase,” says Steve Griffith, INVISTA’s vice president, residential flooring. “By sharing this information, builders can recommend that homebuyers visit the site to help them feel more at ease with the building process and selection of various amenities.”

These designers are leaders in the industry and each has years of experience helping new homebuyers choose products for a home’s interior. They provide information to help the new homebuyer gain the most current styling information before making important product decisions.

Among the Web site’s rich resource bank are an explanation of carpet styles and advice from Council members who offer the top five tips for selecting a quality carpet.

Professional designer Dana Baze from Residential Design Services in Anaheim, California says, “Flooring is often overlooked in the new home process. It is the most essential selection for the home, as it can help set the palette and feel for the entire house for years to come.”

The most common mistake homebuyers make is getting overwhelmed with all of the selection choices and deciding to put off making upgrade selections until after they move in. The new homebuyers Web site helps the buyer decide how to maneuver through all the choices and make decisions that meet their needs and personality. This will save the builder time and money when the buyer knows what they want ahead of time.

“Upgrading during the homebuilding process saves money, provides professional design assistance, secures builder warranties and adds resale value,” says Jacquelyn Panarese of Eheart Flooring America in Loveland, Colorado.

The Web site helps new homebuyers focus on items often overlooked. For instance, if you think that wiring is not important, think again. Dana Baze of Residential Services in Anaheim, California says, “It’s important to make your electrical wiring decisions. They buyer has the opportunity to customize their house with many wonderful options and utilize the builder’s licensed subcontractor to perform the work. Additionally, the builder provides a warranty for this work.”