INVISTA Expands Nylon 6,6 Airbag Capacity in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

January 12, 2005
WILMINGTON, Del., -- INVISTA Performance Fibers announced today its intent to increase supply of super high tenacity, low decitex per filament (dpf) yarns used in automotive airbags by 5 kilotons in Kingston, Ontario (Canada). Capacity expansion is expected to be complete by early 2006 and will help meet the growing demand for side curtain airbags. "I am delighted to be able to share our intent to increase capacity at the world’s largest airbag yarn manufacturing facility in Kingston,” said Jeff Brown, INVISTA’s airbag business director. “The automotive industry’s commitment to further enhance occupant safety through implementation of side airbags will drive additional demand over the next few years for our advanced nylon fibers. The new assets will focus on manufacturing the latest generation of fine dpf, high tenacity yarns which are particularly suited to this application.” "INVISTA is committed to supporting the future growth of the airbag business and maintaining our global leadership position in this market. Other expansions are currently under consideration to satisfy the growing demand for airbag fibers around the world,” added Dave Trerotola, president, INVISTA Performance and Textile Fibers.